Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Using xAP Jabber with Yahoo! Messenger

xAP Jabber is another app from mi4.biz. It can send/receive instant messages to/from your IM client. Its native protocol is of course Jabber, but there are many Jabber servers that have transports to communicate with other IM platforms, like AIM, Yahoo and MSN. I use Yahoo! Messenger and this is how I set up xAP Jabber to talk to my IM client.

First thing I needed to do was to get a Jabber client so I could create a Jabber ID. I downloaded Exodus. Next, I needed to find a Jabber server with the Y! transport, so I looked over here. After clicking on a server and finding it supported Y!, I fired up Exodus and created a Jabber ID (I'll call it jabber_house_xyz). Now, this Jabber ID needs to have its own Y! ID to communicate with Y! users. So I created a Y! account (yahoo_house_xyz) for the Jabber ID to link to. I had to add it to the contact list of my real Y! ID (I'll call that ID my_real_idxyz) and then add my_real_idxyz to the contact list for yahoo_house_xyz. Next I needed to get the Y! transport up, so I followed this (except selecting Y!). I registered it with my new Y! id (yahoo_house_xyz).

After that, I added my_real_idxyz to the Exodus contact list, selecting Yahoo for contact type and entering the ID. Now, my Jabber account was set up and linked to Y! After exiting Exodus, I started xAP Jabber which brought up the settings file. I entered the login info for my Jabber account then followed the instructions to set up the rest of the app.

One thing I needed to do to get it to work with Y! was to configure xAP Jabber to send messages as chat messages instead of headline messages. (sending #set displaystyle yes) to the xAP client. For some reason, it dislikes headline messages.

Now, xAP Jabber is all set up to forward Message.Display messages to my IM client. It's also possible to issue commands over IM to my house to control things, etc. Each IM sent to xAP Jabber gets sent as a xAP message, which can be acted upon by a scripting engine (like xAP Floorplan). Actions can be performed and replies can be sent based on the commands xAP Jabber received.

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