Friday, March 30, 2007

Palm Treo 700WX - A Mixed Bag

We've had our Treos now for about 5 months. It's been great having them but at the same time, I've had problems with mine. We've been taking full advantage of the unlimited Power Vision internet access provided with our plan. We have a few apps we use all the time on our phones:

imov Messenger Basic - this is the free version of their jabber chat client. It also has hooks to Yahoo!/AIM/ICQ transports so you can communicate with people on those networks too. I use it with my Google chat account (which is built into Gmail). It seems more reliable with Jabber (which Google chat is based) than with the other transports. Directions to configure it with Google chat.

Google Maps - it's now available as a CAB file to install directly on your phone! We use this all the time. We can easily look up a store, etc. while we're on the road and call them directly from gmaps!

Slingplayer Mobile - of course, what good is unlimited internet on your phone if you can't watch TV? We've been trialing the software and will likely cough up the $30 each. It is so convenient to watch TV while you're waiting in line, etc. - especially with two kids around running amuck. We may have to spring for a 2nd Slingbox for the other DirecTiVo so we aren't fighting for the 1 Slingbox.

Now for the bad things about the phone. The camera SUCKS! There is a problem with Bluetooth and 700WX that causes Bluetooth to stop working. The Treo needs to be reset to restore Bluetooth. It seems there is a fix from MSFT but there is no download available from Palm. Finally, to top it off, there is apparently a problem with the headset jack that dates back to previous Treos (650, 600). It's starting to affect my phone. It's pathetic that Palm has known about this problem for 2 or 3 generations and they still make the same mistakes. Can you say class action lawsuit? People have sued for less (scratches on their iPod for example). I really like the phone, but this may be my last Palm device unless these problems are fixed.

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  1. I've had a Treo 755p for a few months. One day, listening to music, the phone vibrates, I go to accept the call - and BAM no audio. Listener can't hear me and I can't hear them. It was deja vu all over again since this same thing happened with my previous Treo 650. I hope the Treo developers are reading this. I like the Treo overall, keyboard, and etc, but this affects my work so I'm extremely pissed, particularly when I read that it's been a known problem for quite some time. Fortunately it's less tahn a year old so they'll be getting a call.
    If anybody knows a more permanent fix than demanding another one that may end up the same way, I'd be grateful to hear about it.