Saturday, July 14, 2007

Using Google Desktop Sidebar for Automation

I just wrote a little Google Gadget to create a small control panel on the Google Desktop toolbar. This gadget sends xPL x10.basic messages to control X10 devices. It requires the DLLs for sending xPL commands via ASP - xpl_asp.dll and xqutil.dll - which are bundled in the gadget. Screenshot showing the gadget on the top of the toolbar.

The .gg file format is just a zipfile. Open it up and copy the 2 DLLs to c:\windows\system32. Register the xPL DLL by opening a command prompt and typing "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\xpl_asp.dll"

If you already have Google Desktop installed, double click to install it. To edit the gadget and put in your own devices, follow these directions. It's probably a better idea to make the Gadget load the device list from an xml file instead, but I leave that as an exercise for you :)

You can use pretty much any ActiveXObject with Google Desktop. I have another example where I instantiated the starCOMUltra COM server.

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