Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back to 2000

After doing the Audrey upgrades, I decided to update the rest of my hacks from 2000. We still have the Series 1 TiVo which was hacked back then when a 30GB drive was added to the 14GB original. Later the 14GB drive died and the 30GB was made the lone drive. This time around I added an 80GB drive to bump the capacity up to 128 hours.

Today, I got rid of Win98 on the I-Openers I had hacked and took out the hard drives. Since I was only using these as digital picture frames, I didn't really need a full OS and all the functionality. I loaded the internal flash with the Midori Linux build from here, loaded pics on a USB flash drive and put everything back. Now, it's much quieter without the hard drive and more reliable given that those HDs were refurbs (they have lasted a long time just fine though).

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