Sunday, December 9, 2007

HA Server Rebuild...again

Rebuilt the HA server yet again. There were some issues I had with Win2k and the hardware combination (E6420 Core2 and ECS PT890T-A mobo). Anyway, with XP it's perfect and all the compatibility issues I was having are gone.

The kitchen PC is moving forward. I found a good deal on a D201GLY2 board at Cost Central. Free shipping and $5 off with Google Checkout. Beats which doesn't have it in stock and has raised the price about $2/week for the past several weeks. I guess they were noticing lots of page views for the D201GLY2 and even though they didn't have it in stock, they raised their price anyway. Lame. Anyway, I need to get a gig of cheap PC2 4200 memory and I'm all set. I got a nice cheap uATX case here with free local pickup. Total cost should be about $100 less the TV/display as I'm reusing a hard drive and CD. Not bad.

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