Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shoehorned a High Efficiency PS into the kitchen PC

I picked up the smaller SPI180LE power supply for this PC. It doesn't fit nicely into the chassis so I dremeled and drilled and wedged it in pretty good. Now it runs about 35 watts in idle. Not as great a savings as I expected but in the long run, it'll add up.

I'm also working on some long delayed integration of our 3Com Audreys. They've been nice touch screen control panels for the various ASP scripts on our HA server, but I've added some of the more common HA fixes: being able to set the LEDs remotely, pushing WAV files to them, MP3 playing capability and the ability to mount Windows shares.

The Audrey's blinking LEDs will now signify there is a voicemail in HAL. I added this code to the starCOMUltra hosted script to run a script to blink all the Audrey's LEDs when there are new messages:

function HALVM() {
HalNewMsgCountOld = HalNewMsgCount;
HalMsg = HAL.Phone.Mailboxes.ItemByName("Main").Messages;
HalMsgCount = HalMsg.Count;
for (i=HalMsgCount;i<=HalMsgCount;i++) {
if (HalMsg.Item(i).IsNew) {
if (HalNewMsgCountOld!=HalNewMsgCount) {
if (HalNewMsgCount>0) {
ShellCmd.Run("perl site/scripts/ 1",7);
} else {
ShellCmd.Run("perl site/scripts/ 0",7);

The Perl script just accesses the Audreys' internal web server to toggle the lights:

`wget "http://xx.yy.zz.1/cgi-bin/SetLEDState?$ARGV[0]" -t 1 -O c:/ftp/audrey_light.out`;
`wget "http://xx.yy.zz.2/cgi-bin/SetLEDState?$ARGV[0]" -t 1 -O c:/ftp/audrey_light.out`;
`wget "http://xx.yy.zz.3/cgi-bin/SetLEDState?$ARGV[0]" -t 1 -O c:/ftp/audrey_light.out`;

I still need to figure out how to take advantage of the WAV pushing feature...

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