Sunday, January 27, 2008


I actually finished this app before xPLHALi. It's an xPL-starCOMUltra bridge. It was extremely easy to build an app to do this since all the events and methods worked as they were supposed to. Since I only have a TimeCommander+, I have not implemented the phone, alarm and tstat features of Stargate. My app generates xPL stat.basic messages for changes to timers, variables, flags, relays, digital and analog inputs and ASCII output. It generates remote.basic for IR generated and x10.basic for X10 commands issued. It accepts control.basic to set variables, flags, relays and user variables, x10.basic to send X10 and remote.basic to have sCU issue IR commands.

In the screen cap below, you can see in the DCM xPL logger that a command was sent to my app to set a flag. It set the flag in starCOMUltra and generated a status.basic message in response to the set command. There is also another status.basic message for a flag that sCU set on its own. Finally, I issued an IR command through my app and you can see the remote.basic xpl-trig generated in response. You can also see the events issued by sCU in its window.

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