Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AT&T DSL Pricing Going Up

We have Comcast at our main house and AT&T DSL at our other. The price of DSL is going up $5 per month starting this month! That's a 25% increase over what we're paying for 1.5Mbps service. The service is pretty bad as it is but we don't use it that much. No wonder the US has the worst/priciest Internet experience - pretty sad considering we invented the Internet. That's what happens when there's no competition and you allow all the regional bells to merge together. Funny that AT&T announced "free" hotspot access for many of their broadband customers a few weeks before they announced their raising broadband prices. Free my ass.

If you are staying with AT&T, like we are, because there's no cheaper alternative, then hit this link to lock in your current rate for 1 year before you start financing their "free" wifi hotspots.

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