Friday, February 15, 2008

xPL Gmail Notifier

I've taken the Python source for Gmail Notifier and modified it (with code from the Python xPL Toolkit) to issue an xPL osd.basic message when it encounters a new email message. Since it's Python, you can easily modify to change the xPL message to whatever you want. I'll leave that as an exercise to you. A few things, before you grab the zip file (comments I left in the code):

# * changes to remove the tray icon as pytrayicon is not
# supported in windows
# * removed the popup that notifies of a new email
# * added xPL support to generate osd.basic messages
# containing sender of new email
# * since there's no tray icon, you cannot reconfigure from the gui
# after you've configured once before. therefore if you need to
# change your settings again, edit .notifier.conf located in
# c:\documents and settings\your_login

You'll need to install a few things first besides Python - PyGTK and GTK. Go here and follow the directions for PyGTK for Microsoft Windows. Finally, here's my zip file.

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