Friday, June 6, 2008

Phasing out xAP Floorplan

I have been using xAP Floorplan for a while as my xPL and xAP scripting engine. It's an awesome package, but I don't really need all the extra auto-generated things and I have my own floorplan interface. I prefer to code up my own triggers rather than having to do it through a web interface. I also would rather program in JScript, but Floorplan only supports VBScript. Finally, I don't really want to bridge xPL to xAP - I'd rather just operate on the raw xPL messages. These are just my personal preferences. xAP Floorplan has been extremely stable & James has always been a responsive developer, and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in a scripting engine for xAP and xPL. I do still use many of his other apps.

I've been slowly working on what was xPL sCU. I've added a full scripting engine to it and support for xAP. I can trigger off of xAP or xPL events from within the same script file since I prefer to have everything in one gigantic script. Now I can code in my preferred JScript (although it will work with VBScript, PerlScript and PyScript too). And of course, I will have direct access to starCOMUltra. I've added all the hooks I need to app and I've been migrating Floorplan scripts over to my scripting engine. I'm about 40% through the conversion process. It's a little tedious but worth it to me.

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