Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slug Online

I ended up ditching Unslung for OpenSlug, mainly because OpenSlug has drivers for the EdgePort USB to serial adapter. (I'm planning on getting another Slug to use as a minimal HA controller for monitoring our other house.) I also dropped Apache for the lighttpd which has a smaller memory footprint. I dropped the idea of Squid as I ended up using my home router as a SOCKS proxy over SSH. I've got my Slug running off a 1GB flash drive and it uses a meager 4-5 watts! I had tested it running an 40GB USB hard drive and together, it used about 13 watts. The 466 MHz Celeron that has run the webserver for years uses about 35-40 watts, but that will get shutdown when I iron out a few remote access issues. The Celeron box currently is instrumental in accessing the home network and I hope to move that functionality to the firewall. It is no longer a webserver, as the Slug is doing that as of today.

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