Thursday, November 27, 2008

xPL Plugin for Event Ghost

I just threw together an xPL plugin for Event Ghost in a couple days. It allows you to add macros in EG that respond to xPL events and to send xPL messages in response to other events. I'm not a Python coder by any stretch, but I can hack my way through enough of it to be dangerous. Therefore, don't expect the code to be that great or readable.

Here's a couple of screenshots of it in action:

This one shows an event generated by the plugin. The format of the event is:
xPL.<message identifier>:<schema>:<source>:<target>:<xPL message body>

Obviously, you'll get billions of different events so that may make it more difficult to deal with on the EG side as there doesn't appear to be any wildcarding of events.

This screencap shows the configuration box to send an xPL message.

Download the plugin here. I don't have much time to support this, so good luck with it ;) You should understand xPL. If not, read and ask.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Current Sensing the DVD Player

I grabbed several split core current sensors off eBay and have been gradually deploying them. This week, I added current sensors to the family room TV, amp and DVD player. Now, when the DVD player is turned on, the system checks if the TV is on. If it isn't, it sends IR to turn it on. Then, it turns the TV volume all the way down since audio will be piped through the amp. Next, it checks if the amp is on and powers that up if it needs to and sets its input to DVD.

Update: I have taken all these current sensors off their DS10A's and ran Cat-5 to the gameport controller I use as a contact closure device.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Touch Pro Finally!

The wife & I picked up our matching pair of Touch Pros last weekend from the Sprint store. What a great phone! A beautiful 640x480 screen, full QWERTY keyboard, GPS, WiFi & EVDO Rev A. It's taking some getting used to having a slider keyboard and the Touch Flo interface, but I've been using Voice Command a lot more now. The UI is a little laggy at times, but I have been doing some performance tweaks that I've read about in various forums. It's been only a week, but overall, I'm really liking this phone.