Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Bluetooth Project

I have been using xPL Bluetooth but it hasn't worked quite right for me so I've decided to write my own Bluetooth app to track our cellphones coming & going. I am using In The Hand's 32 Feet.NET PAN SDK. The example code had everything I needed to get a quick start writing my app. After a couple hours of playing around, I've got it up & running detecting some bluetooth devices. I've added code for tracking and timing out devices along with a debug window. Now, I need to decide if I'm going to add a configuration file and also how I will interface it back to my HA system. I originally wanted to add it to my xPL sCU application, which interfaces starCOMUltra, xPL, xAP, IM & UPB. Instead, I've decided on a standalone app as I'm not getting anywhere near the advertised bluetooth range - so I could end up with devices timing out if they get moved from the family room to the living room, etc. My plan is to put the app and bluetooth interfaces on all the servers around the house.

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