Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Project: SageTV & xPL

I finally got around to trying to customize SageTV. I've never written any Java before so it's been slow going. I don't have any Java books, but I always "learn" by doing - I figure out enough stuff to make things work.

I started off with the xPL4Java SDK and looked at the example code. I played around with the NetBeans development environment, but I didn't really like it. After getting the samples running, I took a look at the source for the SageInfoPop SageTV Import. It was built using Eclipse IDE, so that seemed like a natural one to use since this is the first thing I wanted to modify.

After about 2 days, I've managed to get xPL running with SageInfoPop. It takes in xPL osd.basic messages, extracts the message, initiates a connection to the SageInfoPop YAC port and sends it the data to display. I really wanted to send it directly to Sage, like SageInfoPop does, but couldn't get my mind around the OOPness to make it happen.

At some point, I should sit down with a good book on OOP and really understand it all. In any case, now I can program Java in addition to,, JavaScript, PHP, Python & Perl. Anybody want to offer me a job? ;)

Anyway, I'd like to continue to integrate SageTV & xPL so that I can have full 2 way control of SageTV over xPL. This was a good start.

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