Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vendors - Good and Not So Good

I got 3 sticks of 512MB SODIMMs for the 3 HP T5700s we have now. I got them from eBay vendor memoryx for only $17 apiece using eBay's Make Offer feature. Since they're local to me, I was able to pickup instead of paying another $8 for shipping. The memory works great.

I ordered 3 512MB SSDs from Transcend. A day later, they called me to verify my shipping address since I was shipping it to my work, not my billing address. Another day later, I get a backorder notice. I don't understand why they don't write it's backordered on the website so I can take that into account on when I order it. Apparently, they're always backordered as others in this thread have run into the same problem. It's annoying. I would have ordered these a couple weeks ago to line up with the arrival of my last 2 T5700s, now I have to wait.

Finally, I ordered a cheap webcam for PTZ project. I had the misfortune of ordering from Focal Price. Fifteen days after I received the shipped notice, I had not received the camera. I contacted them and was told to wait 15 business days, not 15 days. I waited 15 business days and nothing. I was told to wait 5 more business days. Twenty business days later I was told to wait 25 business days. I asked for a refund. They said wait 5 more business days after which I asked for a refund again. They refused to refund my money, instead I was asked to split the costs and get back half of what I was paid! Or I could pay $1.70 for registered post and they would send another camera. So I could pay $1.70 more for my $6 webcam or get a $3 refund and have gotten nothing. What a joke, so I paid the $1.70 and got my camera in 5 days from when they shipped it. Of course, I couldn't take advantage of their supposed "30 day guarantee" because they kept telling me to wait 5 more days until their guarantee ran out. I'm not buying cheap PC crap from them ever again. DealExtreme has always been my source of cheap PC gear, but I thought I'd try a new vendor. Bad choice.

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