Saturday, November 14, 2009

Solar Contract Signed & ECM-1240 Ordered

We signed the contract a couple days ago with Real Goods Solar (Regrid Power) for a 3.68kW system. Projected install date is late February and power on in March. Might as well have it come online when there's more sunlight.

I also ordered the ECM-1240 power monitor from Brultech. I decided to put current transformers on the lines from the solar array, but I will have to extend those via Cat-5. They should be able to go 100 feet, but it looks like it will be very, very close to 100 feet or possibly more. Hopefully, it will work. I've already opened up a hole in the wall next to the sub-panel, installed a mudring and drilled through the stud next to the subpanel so I can pass CT wires from the subpanel to the mudring. I also ran a couple Cat-5 wires through the wall behind the subpanel to a closet in the adjacent bedroom. I'll need those to connect to the Cat-5 drops in that room to extend the solar array's CTs and possibly get the ECM-1240 on the network via a Lantronix MSS-100. With luck, it'll get here before the Thanksgiving break so I'll have time to work on it.

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