Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Progress

I was having some problems talking to the ECM-1240 through a virtual serial port and Lantronix MSS-100. It would occasionally lose its connection. I ended up deploying my leftover HP T5700 thin client, connecting it directly to the ECM-1240. I've got xPLSerial running on the thin client and it issues xPL messages every 60 seconds with the current power consumption. I'm still getting some weird problems with the ECM-1240 where the counters get out of whack on an Aux channel and exceed the usage on the main channel. This causes me to have to reset the counters and lose the cumulative statistics. I need to figure out how to work around this issue so I can get some valid full-day consumption readings.

I've also moved some xPL and xAP applications off my other 2 servers onto the thin client since it's not really doing a whole lot. It's chugging along at around 10% CPU utilization with about 5 apps running. I tried to run xPLSys on it, but it's crashing. There doesn't appear to WMI in the XPe build on the thin client. I may have to figure out a different method of getting the statistics.

Ironically, I've also been working on my automation interface GUI in expectation of buying some touchscreens. However, as the world found out yesterday, the Crunchpad died before birth. I was planning on buying several of those for touchpanels around the house. Hopefully, there will be some ChromeOS or Android tablets in the near future.

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