Monday, February 15, 2010


I just bought a DLink DNS-321 NAS. I'm hoping to use this for SageTV recordings, which are currently stored on the media server. I want to do this since I hibernate the SageTV server a lot, but would like the recordings available.

I'm going to be evaluating whether or not I can dump 4 HDHomerun streams to it while playing from 2 HD200s. I'm guessing no, but it's going to be an interesting experiment. While I was copying the existing recordings over, the maximum bandwidth I was able to achieve was 100 Mbps over gigabit links. An existing 1 hour HD recording took 5.5 GB, so that's about 12.5 Mbps. Four streams would be half of the maximum bandwidth I've seen and that doesn't include playback. If it doesn't work out, I play on using it for backups.

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