Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Most Downloaded of 2010

It's not quite year end, but close enough. So following on last year's list, here's this year's version:

1. EventGhost xPL Plugin - 161 times
2. BlueTracker - 110
3. BlueTrackerScript - 74
4. xScript - 38
5. t2mp3 - 35
6. xPLWebControl - 33
7. xPLSerial - 26
8. xPLGameport2 - 23
9. Blabber - 20
10. xPLSys - 15
10. xPL Plugin for SageTV6 - 15

The EventGhost xPL plugin is still the top download of the year...by far, but the gap is considerably smaller between it and #2 on the list. Bluetooth tracking was very popular this year with the xPL version of BlueTracker #2 and the scripting version #3. The rest of the list were far behind the top 3. This year's top 10 list totaled over 500 downloads compared to 289 for last year's list. It's good to see we've reached more users this year, and if you've found our software useful, click the donate button on our software page. Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Toy: Insignia Infocast

It's not really that new, as I've had one for a week already but haven't gotten around to blogging about it. The Infocast is a Chumby based device with an 8" color touchscreen. It's Linux based and it has all the potential to be a great hacking device, potentially replacing our 3Com Audreys that have served us well for a decade now. There is already a hack to get a browser running, but it needs work. There are supposed efforts to get Android running on it as well. We'll see how it develops. I got 2 at the recent $79 sale price in anticipation.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Asterisk Fun

I put a phone in each kid's room connected to the PAP2T, and I set up Blink softphones on my & my wife's laptops (which are almost always on when we're home). Now we have a simple intercom system running. The kids (7 & 9) are really enjoying the novelty of having phones in their rooms. Now, I just need a softphone out in the garage. I have a Dockstar out in the garage that I'm using for a special automation project which I'll discuss when it's further along. Since it's a headless client, I need a command-line softphone for Linux. I figure I'd control it with a gamepad, using the buttons to dial preset numbers and a USB soundcard for the mic & speaker.