Friday, March 8, 2013

xpllib the CPU sucker

Recently, I had time to reinstall the OS on our media server, which was acting a little sluggish. I upgraded the RAM from 2GB to the max 4GB and installed Windows 7 x64 instead of the 32 bit that was on there. With the extra headroom, I migrated some xPL apps from my HA server to this one, but what I discovered was surprising. The media server has a relatively modern Pentium dual-core E5200, yet periodic bursts of xPL traffic would spike the CPU utilization up to near 100%. Three apps of mine (xPLGMail and 2 instances of xPLGVoice), would each suck up about 25% of the CPU. This didn't happen when those apps were on the E6420 Core2 HA server, but I did see something like this years ago when I was putting some xPL apps on HP T5700 thin clients. The culprit was the xpllib dll. The CPU intensive one is version 4.4.3663.31835, but some other apps I wrote using version 4.3.2737.14049 rarely use 1% of the E5200 CPU. I ended up taking a step back and recompiling xPLGMail and xPLGVoice with 4.3. Just like that, those apps never used more than 1% of the CPU. This reminded me of some years ago, when one of the more recent xPL devs started building a whole new xpllib (V5). At that time, I was working on the T5700s (still in use) so there's no way I would use an even fatter, more CPU intensive xpllib. (V5 at 320KB is almost 8 times bigger than 4.3 at 44KB). Not only that, the new V5 is not backwards compatible. I wasn't going to rewrite 20+ apps to "move forward." In fact, it looks like I will be migrating all my xPL apps backwards from xpllib 4.4 to 4.3. There's no need to waste CPU cycles for equivalent functionality. I'm slowly getting back to HA and it feels good.

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