Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flat UI Update to GUI

Our major HA user interfaces are web based, and when I see prepackaged UI elements, I think about how I can use them to improve what I have. We mainly use our custom floorplan GUI, but occasionally use some older interfaces. One of them is below, design circa 1999 :) As you can see, the artistic side of my brain isn't very developed.

It's actually the 2nd generation - the first was ASP and IIS based. The 2nd version didn't change the UI at all, just the implementation, which I switched to Perl CGI and Apache. I ran across a Flat UI package some time ago. Flat, from what I've gathered, is how many of the newer, hip websites are designed. I figured I'd give it a try and bring some of its design elements into our UI. As a tutorial, I've redone the above lighting UI with toggles and sliders from Flat UI. You can see how much nicer it looks in this short clip:

It's also more finger friendly for tablet use. I made my own tweaks to fit in my existing template, but I still need to move things around a litle (slide the toggles down a few pixels, maybe reduce the open space). It was relatively painless (I already know enough JavaScript and JQuery to figure out most of the kit), and I can see using it in other interfaces.

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