Saturday, June 18, 2016

Updating HA Server to Windows 10 At This Moment

Given the update of our SageTV/media server to Windows 10 went so smoothly, I decided it's time to upgrade the HA server before the free upgrade expires on July 29th. I'm a little concerned because it's not just the HA server, but I also do a lot of development on it. Hopefully all the SDKs, libraries, dlls, drivers and other dev tools will just work after the upgrade. I cloned the OS drive to a new SSD and am installing to the new drive, like I did with the media server. Right now it's 25% of the way through installation. Fingers crossed...

[2 hours later...] For the most part, things are working. A couple .ocx files had to be re-registered for the xAPIntranet stuff. IIS was enabled which caused Apache not to start. A file from the 1Wire SDK, vjsnativ.dll, was removed so my 1Wire app wouldn't work, but I restored it from my Win 7 drive. Some admin permission things had to be resolved and some firewall re-training had to be done. It looks good. Now, time to disable all the useless & privacy invading new features.