Monday, July 18, 2016

A Little HA A.D.D.

I've been busy working on a whole bunch of different projects. It's been a little HA A.D.D. as I keep jumping from project to project and so far, not completing any.

Referring to my "So Much to Learn" post, I went through the Learning JavaScript Design Patterns book and cleaned up the JavaScript in our HA GUI, making it not only cleaner to read but more efficient and easier to add on to.  There's still work to do, but I distract easily.  Next, I did the freeCodeCamp course on frontend design.  I zooooooomed through it, completing all the exercises in less than a week, but I never did any of the projects.  I'd rather take what I learn and feed it back into our HA GUI as my project.

After I completed the frontend coursework, I saw freeCodeCamp had some not yet ready exercises on D3, which I hadn't heard of.  So after some digging, I got around to learning a little D3.  It has some neat visuals that CanvasJS doesn't offer, and I used it with my Jawbone activity tracking data.  I went a little overboard charting that data, but that will be the topic of a future post.

I also have an Ouya game console which I plan on making a standalone Android box for who knows what.  I went through the process of rooting it, installing a new bootloader, wiping the Ouya OS and installing CyanogenMod 11.  Once I finished that, I parked this project and went on to the next.

Last week, I received my C.H.I.P.s, and I played around with my first one.  I did a complete reflash of the OS (which has an interesting browser plugin approach to do this).  Then I started installing my usual packages like Perl, Python, VNC, Emacs, etc.  The first thing I plan to do with it is interface to a few current sensors using its GPIO pins.  I've already found an appropriate library to do the interfacing, I just need to decide if I'll use xPL or MQTT to notify the HA system of changes.  I really need to get the other 3 up and running to make sure they're good, but for now, it's on the backburner.

The Amazon Echo I got on Prime Day also arrived last week, and last night, I got an Alexa app server framework up and running with my own local endpoint.  It was my first time really playing with NodeJS and it was pretty straightforward.  Configuring things on the Amazon side was simple too.  Right now, I need to figure out how to securely get messages from my endpoint (in the DMZ) to my LAN in order to control devices.  Hopefully, I'll do that before starting on a new project!

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