Friday, October 19, 2007

Using VOIP for VR

We haven't been using microphone VR with HAL - just telephone VR - until now. I loaded up Teamspeak on one of our laptops. Teamspeak is software that gamers use to talk to each other across a network. I installed the Teamspeak server on the HA server and the client on both the laptop and the server. This allows us to talk VOIP style from the laptop to the HA server. I added a USB SoundBlaster to the HA server and set the HA Teamspeak client to output to the SoundBlaster. The lineout from the SoundBlaster got connected to the Mic input of the HA server - that input is used by HAL for its microphone VR. Now, if we talk into the laptop microphone, the audio gets sent across the network to the HA server to HAL's VR engine. This client can be added to all pcs around the house so there's no need for distributed microphones.