Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Toy - GPS Receiver for 700WX

I picked up an IBlue 737 GPS receiver from buy gps now. The receiver is very compact, about the size of a pager and it is very sensitive - it doesn't need to be left on the dash - it works very well in a cup holder or the door handle. It communicates to the 700WX via bluetooth and we use it with Google Maps Mobile and our unlimited data plan. It doesn't have all the extras of a dedicated GPS (like text-to-speech, etc.) - it just tracks your location. However, any place we can Google, we can get turn by turn directions to it from where we are at the moment. Also, since it's so small, there's no large device to tote around or leave in your car baking in 120 degree temps, hoping nobody steals it.

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