Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wetness Sensors

I jumped in and picked up a bunch of wetness sensors mentioned here. I'll be using them under sinks, behind toilets, under the water heater and the AC drip pan. These will work great with the eternal DS10A deal.

Haven't had much time for automation the last few weeks. I am experiencing major X10 noise problems for the first time. Three different light switches upstairs are intermittently controllable and one turns on by itself. I spent an hour unplugging just about everything in the house, but no luck. I tried changing house and unit codes too. It's very odd as everything was working great 3 weeks ago but I haven't plugged in anything new. Sometimes, device power supplies will all of a sudden start spewing noise onto the powerline, but those have been easy to track down & put on a filter. I'm a little stumped right now and considered replacing them the light switches with UPB ones, but they are so expensive.

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