Friday, May 1, 2009

Waiting for Thin Client

My thin client is sitting on a FedEx truck somewhere out for delivery. As I spent more time looking into it, it appears that .NET will not fit onto the thin client. That scratches my new gameport app as it was built with .NET and the xPL library is also .NET. I started looking at Perl and the Win32::MultiMedia::Joystick package. I wrote some code last night to test it out and it can do what I want. The only problem will be Perl fitting on the internal flash disk. Hopefully, I'll be able to install it and other apps on a USB flash disk.

The next part will be making the Perl script connect to the network. Rather than use xPL, I'm going to try to use DCOM to connect directly to starCOMUltra. I've got the Perl side figured out. I just need to get the thin client and see if DCOM will work on it.

I should add that there's always the possibility of getting a bigger internal flash drive, but I want to make do with what I have lying around.

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