Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Toy: Aviosys 9100A Video Server

As I upgrade cameras, I keep the old ones around just in case I find some use for them. The main cameras are connected to an Avermedia NV3000. The leftovers are connected to modulators so we can watch our dog on Slingbox. I decided to get an Aviosys 9100A to get those cameras web enabled. It was easy to install and I've got 2 cameras running right now. I've integrated it into our Floorplan GUI using the device's special URLs described here. It works well, but the camera switching is a tad slow.


  1. R,
    Where did you find the Aviosys unit?
    Can't seem to locate one.

    loyal reader. Thanks for all the great ideas and tips.


  2. J,

    I got it off eBay. Don't forget Bing Cashback ( http://bit.ly/12SZNK ).

    Thanks for reading. It's nice to know people are finding some useful info here.