Monday, October 19, 2009


I've decided I needed to code up something to deal with serial port devices I may want to interface with. I've put serial device handling into my starCOMUltra hosted script as well as in my sCU-xPL bridge (xPL sCU), but while I'm debugging stuff, I don't want to keep reloading those apps as much of the HA system relies on it functioning correctly. There doesn't appear to be an xPL app that allows generic serial port interfacing, so I figured this would be a good (and easy) app to write. A majority of the code comes out of xPL sCU since it already does serial & xPL as part of its features. Because of this, I've already got a prototype running. It relies on an internal scripting engine to set up the serial port, send data to it and parse data from it. You can then issue xPL messages as necessary. Right now, I'm working on interfacing to an Ocelot I just acquired.

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