Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Google, Am I Really Getting A Cr-48?

I was one of the thousands of users of who were bombarded by sudden burst of emails from Google's Chrome Notebook Pilot program users group (detailed here.) I did apply for the pilot program months ago, but have not received a notebook...yet. I am hopeful, as I received an email from Google apologizing for onslaught of emails. A key sentence from the apology is If you are receiving this email and have not yet received a Cr-48, you should be hearing from us soon. Apparently, there is no notification if you were chosen, other than coming home one day to find UPS dumped a box on your porch with a Cr-48 inside. Surprises are nice, but c'mon Google, give us a tracking number so someone can be around to receive the item. I wonder how many Cr-48's have "walked off" their intended owner's porch. One would figure it'd be trivial for someone at Google to write a Python script to automatically email pilot program applicants a tracking number as their Cr-48 shipped.

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