Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hardware pieces

My system is a combination of a hardware controller and software. The hardware controller is a JDS TimeCommander+ (TC+). It's been discontinued by JDS so you won't find much information on it on their site anymore. It features 2-way X10, analog inputs (which I use for temperature sensors), digital inputs (for contact closure detection) and relays (to control the HVAC system).

The TC+ is connected to an InfraRed Xpander which provides 2-way infrared control. However, the IR receiving functionality is not very reliable. I use a different method using Slim Devices SliMP3s (discontinued, noticing a pattern?) as IR receivers.

The TC+ is in the wiring closet connected to a serial port on the home automation server about 12 feet away. The serial connection is over a Cat-5 cable with DB9-RJ45 connectors. The HA server is a 2.6 Ghz Celeron running Win2k Pro and loaded with 1 GB RAM, about 700 GB of disk space, a DVD burner, 2 modems and 2 video input cards. I'll add more details later...

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