Sunday, November 5, 2006

xAPping my xPL stuff

I've been busy the past few days migrating my scripts from xPLHAL to xAP FLoorplan. Almost 3 years ago, I stumbled upon xPL while looking for an alternative server for our Rio Receivers. I've been using xPL heavily ever since with xPLHAL as my scripting engine. Lately, I've been finding lots of useful xAP applications and many of the xPL ones have become unsupported. Plus, lately I've been running into some crash/CPU utilization problems with xPLHAL. I started using Floorplan to do some scripting for xAP stuff and have slowly migrated some of my xPL stuff over. This weekend, I decided to just move it all over. No need to have 2 scripting engines bridging between the 2 protocols. Now it's just Floorplan.

I still use some xPL apps:
  • xPL Phone - There is no xAP equivalent for internal modems. there is only support for serial modems.
  • xPL command line sender - The xAP one seems slow and this one is more intuitive to me. I'll just rely on floorplan to translate to xAP if I need to send xAP.
  • xPL support in SlimServer - This is rock solid and I don't want swap it out yet. Plus, since I contributed some code changes in this to SlimServer, I have a pretty good understanding how it works and can tweak it if I want.
  • xPL ActiveX object - I can instantiate this in starCOM so I don't have to call the command line sender ( xPL = new ActiveXObject("xPL.xPLCtl"); ). There is no xAP equivalent.
  • MediaNet - It has built in xPL support that works great. I'm not giving up MediaNet.
  • xPL TTS - I haven't played around the xAP one but this has been solid so don't need to switch it out.
I just finished the last of the script conversions this morning and turned off xPLHAL.

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