Saturday, May 18, 2013

Generic Speech Recognition Script for SL4A

I've finally had some time to make a generic speech recognition script that hopefully any SL4A capable Android device can use. I've taken parts of my script from the previous post and added in some sample pattern matching from my server side script. The result is a script that can issue commands to your home automation controller or software by fetching URLs. A couple prerequisites: you need you must have SL4A and Python for Android installed on your device. It would help to be familiar with some Python and its regular expression syntax. The code is well commented and has samples for recognizing phrases like "turn off the kitchen light" and "turn the master lights off" - so hopefully that's enough to kickstart your automating. So go ahead and get it!


  1. Can this be used for iPad users? Aim very interested inplementing this for homeseer... I hope it's not very difficult to implement.

    1. no, sorry, this is specific to Android.