Thursday, May 9, 2013

Using CanvasJS to Graph Power Consumption

We've been using RRDtool for graphing everything from temperatures, to disk usage, to power consumption. It's very powerful and makes some nice charts, but I can never remember how to set up the database. Plus, my server is constantly running the tool to generate the graphs every 15 minutes so it's relatively up to date when someone views them. I'm now playing with CanvasJS which uses HTML5 and JavaScript to easily generate some really cool graphs. I'm using power consumption as my test bed for implementing CanvasJS. Data for the power consumption is dumped into our MySQL database every 2 minutes (it's actually coming in every second, but I'm only sampling the data every 2 minutes for this graphing application). With some JavaScript and PHP pulling the data out of MySQL, the charts are generated on the fly. It works REALLY well and it's fast. You can pan and zoom the chart to see the exact power usage at a specific time. Check out the gallery for more samples with code. I will probably transition all our system's graphing over to CanvasJS, after I have more time to experiment. In the meantime, here's a short video showing the power consumption graphs I'm working with.

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