Saturday, May 28, 2016

So Much To Learn

As they say, so much to learn and not much time. This is just a short list of things I want to learn: - Better JavaScript. I'm reading Learning JavaScript Design Patterns. Our HA GUI is a homebrew AJAX app and I'm trying to clean up the JavaScript portion that started almost 9 years ago!
- Node.js - Our HA GUI uses PHP and I've thought about migrating that portion to Node. It would be nice to code in the same language for server side as client side.
- Natural Language Parsing (NLP) - I have done some work with Python & NLTK but didn't make much progress. Google has released their NLP, SyntaxNet that looks interesting.
- Android development - Hard to believe I haven't written a single Android app. Java isn't my thing. Some day.

I've also been optimizing my usage of MySQL. I noticed my queries from various apps and web GUIs caused a lot of disk I/O. I've actually been able to cut it down about 10x by restructuring queries and also restructuring tables. My server is considerably quieter with less disk activity.

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