Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bye bye caller ID

We've decided to get rid of caller ID on our landline. We rarely get calls we want to answer at home anyway. The main reason is the cost of the service is going up from about $6/month to over $8/month! With Comcast going all out with their telephone service in our area, one would expect SBC/AT&T to be more competitive. Not only that, but one would have hoped prices would come down when SBC merged with AT&T (and subsequently BellSouth). Theoretically, there should be some economies of scale that would lead to lower prices. Instead they're raising prices for their services. Looks more like an oligopoly to me - fewer competitors and more pricing power for them. No wonder the landline business is dying.

I've since disabled all the caller ID logic in our HA system and all calls just go to voicemail. If people need to reach us, they can call our cellphones. Besides, our Treo 700WX's have built-in voice command and they announce incoming caller names and numbers using the old Microsoft Mary TTS voice. So, we're not missing our landline caller ID announce much. It may be a matter of time before we shut off the landline completely...

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