Thursday, December 21, 2006

New toy - Slingbox AV

Just got a Slingbox AV yesterday. Added it to the network, connected it to the DirecTiVo, poked holes in the firewall and we're up & running. It works pretty well. Now we can watch our shows when we're at our other place. Too bad we don't have a higher upload speed. It would be nice to have 1mbps up, but according to Slingplayer, it's getting about 350kbps, which is not bad. Not useful for full screen video, but works pretty nicely. I was just watching it at work not long ago ;)

Got it from for $108 after Google checkout discount. In fact, we've bought a bunch of stuff off with either $20 or $10 off using Google checkout. I think Google should make that a permanent feature! After all, they have such a huge cash pile and have often said they won't necessarily use it in the best interest of shareholders.

Still pondering whether or not to cough up $30 for the Slingplayer mobile for our Treos. Seems steep for the software (about 30% of the cost of the hardware) and we would probably have to buy 2 copies. Now if they offer it on with GCO, I may reconsider :)

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