Thursday, January 24, 2008

More HAL Bugs

Hard to imagine I've been playing with HALi for about a week and I keep finding problems. Why does the SensorStateChanged event fire even though the sensor was set to the same value (it hasn't actually changed)? This brings me to another problem, which uncovered this one.

I have a simple rule NewVM that should set a flag when I have new voice mail. If a call comes in and the caller leaves a voicemail, this rule fires 3 times! Why?

  NewVoice Message in All Mailboxes >= 1 (TE)

On the other hand, if I have no voicemail, I want to clear that flag via this rule:

  NewVoice Message in All Mailboxes = 0 (TE)

What's retarded about this is if you playback all the messages and have them automatically changed from NEW to SAVED, this rule doesn't trigger despite there being no more new messages. Also, if you delete all messages from the phone pad app the rule still won't trigger. If you delete new messages one at a time from the phone pad it finally does trigger.

I came up with these rules so HAL generates events that my xPLHALi app can translate to xPL messages, informing other devices/apps in my system. But HAL can't actually generate a reliable NEWVMAIL flag so it's pretty much useless to me.

HAL guru posted on the HAL message board that a "new" feature in 4.0 will be ability to check if something actually changed! HALi 4.0 now won't waste extra CPU cycles generating the same events for things that haven't actually changed. Hooray. WinEVM for my TimeCommander+ added that feature in 1997.

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