Monday, January 21, 2008

My First App

I've been testing out the app I wrote despite the problems I was finding with HALi. I ended up writing an xPL bridge to HAL and called it xPLHALi (I know, it will be confused with xPLHAL, but only if I release it). I started off using xAP but stopped because I wasn't sure how to go about implementing subUIDs for all the HAL sensors, since each would be it's own target in xAP. I figured it out later so I may finish it at some point. Anyway, here's a screen shot of the xPL logger of DCM showing the messages generated by my app. You can see status of what's going on in the application window. HAL sensor events are generated as sensor.basic messages and can be changed by sending control.basic messages to my app. Not sure I'll release it as I haven't figured out how to bundle it all up and I don't think people who use HAL know what xPL is. It is useful to me however. I am no longer limited to HAL's point and click interface to create tasks. I'll write my own VBscripts in xAP Floorplan (its built-in xPL bridge makes me not sure I'll need to create a xAP version, especially since I run a hybrid xAP/xPL system anyway).

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