Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Busy Month and a Half!

Wow. I just looked back at my archives and I've been busy the last 1.5 months! What I've done:

- Kicked off the addition of UPB by installing a UPB coupler
- Updated my xPL sCU bridge into a full xPL/xAP/sCU bridge, making this my xPL/xAP scripting engine and phasing out xAP floorplan
- Wrote an xPL app to send TTS to 3Com Audreys
- Put a full scripting engine into xPLHALi
- Wrote a HALi client/server app that passes VR from client HAL machine to server HAL machine and passes responses back down, which can be spoken in client HAL voice or SAPI voice.
- Deployed several UPB modules and integrated UPB functionality into sCU and xPL sCU by writing code to communicate with a UPB serial interface. Integration with X10 is seamless.
- Wrote xPL gameport app as a poorman's method of getting contact closures into the system (and learned some DirectX)
- Installed USB Cat-5 extender to connect HA server to gameport in the garage
- Deployed 8 1Wire sensors and converted system over from using LM34s
- Wrote 1Wire VB.net app using TMEX API to poll sensors and dump values into a mySQL table

That was fun! Now I'm wondering what else I'm going to work on next...

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