Wednesday, July 9, 2008

xPL GamePort Deployed

Yesterday, I picked up some DB15 cables to cut up and plug into the gameport box to test out multiple joysticks with my gameport app. It found the extra joysticks nicely so I was able to start installing. The first place I'm putting a gameport module is in the garage where I have a few things monitored by DS10As - like the garage door, the doorbell, etc. I connected the gameport in the garage via the cheap cat-5 USB extension I wrote about before and plugged that into a test machine. I terminated one end of a gameport cable to a terminal strip to allow for easy wiring. Finally, I ran some cat-5 to one set of reed switches on a door to try it out and that worked great. Hopefully, I'll have some time today after work to connect a few more things. The doorbell never really worked with a DS10A - maybe it toggles too fast for the DS10A to see it. In any case, that'll be my next thing to wire up. I also have to decide if I'm going to leave this connected to a new machine or try to connect it all the way up to the HA server. I'm going to need a better method than my cheap cat-5 USB extender because it will not work this far.

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