Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gameport Project

I started development on a new project to use the gameport as a source of contact closure inputs. This is something that has been done by others before, but their apps were never anything I could use. So I decided write one myself. All my other VB projects were done in Visual Basic 2008 Express making them usable only in Windows XP and later, but this one I really wanted to run on an old Windows 2000 machine. Luckily, I've got Visual Basic 2003 lying around.

On to coding...or so I thought. It turns out I need the DirectX SDK to access the gameports, but after some time digging around Microsoft's site, I was able to find a version of the DirectX 9.0C SDK compatible with Win2k. I'll be writing my app to connect to a "Super Joy Box 8" USB game port adapter, which has 4 gameports on it, but I assume it should work with others as well. Each gameport will provide up to 4 contact closure inputs for a total of 16 inputs for the device.

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