Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sage, SqueezeCenter, SliMP3 and xPL

With 2 HDTheaters on the way, I've been working on ways to use our new SageTV DVR server as a third client for playback. I don't have an IR receiver for the PC and since I'm keeping costs low, I'm not going to buy one. However, it just so happens there's a SliMP3 by the TV that the DVR is connected to and they work great as IR receivers. But how do I get the IR from the SliMP3? That's easy! I already have SqueezeCenter & its xPL plugin running. Plus the xPL plugin's "Infra-red Processing" option is configured to "Both". This gets me xPL messages issued when any remote buttons are pressed.

I also had installed EventGhost on the DVR and added my xPL Plugin to it. The next step was to capture the EventGhost events that result from xPL messages that result from remote control button presses. With that, I created macros triggered by those events and had EventGhost issue keystrokes in response. As a test, I used an old TiVo remote and mapped the navigation and select buttons to keystrokes for up, down, left, right and enter. The result is this video that shows both the EG and SageTV windows while I use the TiVo remote to navigate around the SageTV interface:

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