Friday, March 20, 2009

Slowly Piecing Together a Bargain DVR System

I just picked up an E5200 bundle from Fry's for $99. The E5200 is a 45nm processor that has low power consumption and pretty good horsepower compared to the Core2 E7300 (See review here). This goes nicely with the $85 1.5TB Seagate Drive I scored last month, the 2GB of of memory for $7 and the $3 Airlink gigabit NIC. I have a $19 MicroATX case, a spare $19 Seagate 200GB IDE drive for the boot drive (Staples Black Friday deal several years ago), and a spare $6 Antec 120mm Tricool fan. It will be running a free copy of Server 2003 courtesy of Microsoft DreamSpark and my wife who's taking a night class which qualifies her to get some free MS software. I just need an 80Plus power supply. I have a regular spare that I can use to get the system set up, but for the long-term, I'm going to find an high-efficiency power supply for this. Total cost so far is about $250 with the power supply left to buy.


  1. Hi,

    I have been browsing through your blog and it's a very intersting read. Just wondering if you have any basic xPL set ups I could take a peek at as I'm very confused.

    I am trying to create a webpage that can monitor a couple of X10 devices, such as lights,in a small room but can't figure out where to get started.

    I tried to get hold of xPLMyHouse from the xPL project board but the link is broken.

    If you can help me out then my username on there is xplnoob or alternatively my email address is djkb2k AT

    Thanks :)

  2. not sure xPL is necessary for what you want to do. there's plenty of x10-web interfaces if you google around like bluelava, etc.

    i don't have any basic xPL set ups. all my stuff is highly customized and specific to the apps i use. there's lots of xPL info at to get you started.

  3. thanks for such a prompt response :)

    i will investigate into bluelava tonight.

    once again, thanks :D