Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Most Downloaded of 2009

Since 2009 is the first full year I developed applications, I thought it would be interesting to see which ones were most popular. I know 2009 isn't over yet, but the #1 app certainly won't be unseated by year's end. Here are the 10 most downloaded DoghouseLabs applications for 2009.

1. EventGhost xPL Plugin - 125 times
2. BlueTracker - 33
3. Blabber - 24
4. SageTV xPL Plugin - 20
5. xScript - 18
6. xPLSerial - 17
6. xEKG - 17
8. xPLAudreyTTS - 15
9. xPLGCal - 11
10. OSDBuffer - 9

Looking at the numbers, other than the EventGhost plugin, that's not a lot of downloads. Volume has never been my aim - these are things that I use in my home automation system and sharing them is my way of giving back for all the cool software and ideas I've benefited from over the past 15 years. I am surprised by how popular the EventGhost plugin is compared to all the other xPL apps. Also, I'm curious if anybody really uses the SageTV plugin besides me - as only one person has ever asked anything about it. Anyway, thanks for using my apps and reading my blog in 2009 and happy automating in 2010.

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