Tuesday, December 8, 2009

xPL Tweeting

I'm not sure why this hasn't been done earlier, but it looks like I'm the first to integrate xPL and Twitter. It was really easy to do and only took a few hours. A lot of the time was just figuring out what API to use and investigating OAUTH. I ended up using twitterizer's API, which doesn't support OAUTH. That's fine because I want this app to run standalone without any user interaction required for login, which OAUTH requires. The downside is the tweet source will show Twitterizer and not xPLTweet. Twitter no longer takes registrations for apps that do not use OAUTH, so there's no free publicity for my app in your Twitter streams. Bummer.

xPLTweet grabs OSD.BASIC messages explicitly targeting it (ie doghouse-xpltweet.yourinstance). It grabs the text portion of the message and tweets that. That's pretty much all it does. A future enhancement I may do will be to monitor who you're following and issue OSD.BASIC messages when they update their streams, but it could be messy if you follow many active Twitterers.

In any case, you can grap xPLTweet here.


  1. i need help.

    xPLTweet doesn't work in my cfg.
    When i try to create a determinator using manager, there's no actions associated to xPLTweet.
    Can you post an example how to use it?
    I tried the "Send xPL message" but no luck!

  2. unfortunately, i don't use xPLHAL and have not created config files for it. you just need to address an osd.basic message to it. an example using the command line program xplsend.exe:

    xplsend xpl-cmnd doghouse-xpltweet.instancename osd.basic command=write\ntext=this is just a test

  3. It's not working. How can i see if xPL tweet is receiving the xpl message and sending it?

    Should i see some activity in Window? Below "connected user"?

  4. it will print a message in that window if it receives an osd.basic message directed to it.

  5. do you have a hub running? have you configured xPLTweet w/ DCM or xPLHAL?

  6. I'm using Hal. Do i need to configure any special port in firewall?
    xPLDiag detects it and it appears as device on HAL.
    I'm sure it's a tiny little something i'm missing :)

  7. not sure what's wrong with your setup. it uses the standard xpllib so there's no need to change anything w/ your firewall (as long as you've whitelisted the app in your firewall if necessary). to me it's not receiving xPL messages so it feels like you never configured the app after it was first run. i use DCM to configure and it will clearly show if the app is not configured. not sure how it would look w/ xPLHAL as i said before, i don't use it.

  8. I came across XplTweet because i want to display my globalvariables somewhere in the house. I have SB player from Roku, and found several command line apps to send text to it.

    So far my biggest problem is that i don't know how to append the current value of the Globalvariables to a command line application.
    Can you help? I posted yesterday in Xplproject forum but so far no replies.

    Regarding xPLTweet i will try DCM for cfg
    I also have a Wireless Photo frame connected to framechannel so i wanted to use Tweeter to display my variables, and possibly show my tweet in my framechannel.

    Merry Christmas by the way... :)

  9. again, i don't use xPLHAL, so can't really help getting your global variables displayed...