Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Productive Weekend Home Sick

I spent the weekend cooped up inside with a cold, but I actually got some things done. The wife's laptop was hit by a drive-by virus, so I took the drastic measure of installing Ubuntu on it. She doesn't actually use any Windows apps and all her docs are done on Google Docs anyway. I set up all her Windows shares with CIFS and installed her printer driver and that's all she needs. She seems happy with it. I liked it so much I loaded my old Acer Aspire One netbook with Ubuntu Netbook Remix. The kids' netbook has already been running a flavor of Ubuntu - they've been using Jolicloud on their Dell Mini 10. So it was easy to add the printer driver and network shares to their machine. I don't really like Jolicloud a whole lot, especially since version 1.0 seems to have slowed everything down. I would have preferred Ubuntu Netbook Remix, but for some reason, it can't deal with the Dell Mini's graphics chip. Jolicloud works flawlessly with the Mini's graphics and even supports an external monitor. Couldn't do that with the Remix.

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