Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Alive...Alive!!! (Our Infocast/Chumby that is)

Since the Chumby servers shutdown (and was switched to a stub service), the only available app is a clock. Some time ago, a Chumby user, Zurk, created an offline "firmware" for Chumbies to run without the Chumby servers in case they went down. He also released an app called octopus that downloaded all the apps off the Chumby servers, which was the thing to do when the servers were still up. With the downloaded apps and the "firmware" (more like some scripts and a local collection of Chumby files than actual firmware) Chumby nirvana could mostly be restored. I really only care about 1 app, Panel Builder 2, which runs on all our Infocasts. That rarely changes unless one of the kids wants to use some other app. I didn't even notice the Chumby servers went down because our Infocasts were still running the cached PB2. Slowly, one by one our Infocasts got reset to the default stub server clock. When my nightstand Infocast switched over, and I couldn't control the house from it, that was the last straw! I had to get this Zurk thing working. It was pretty much plug & play - just unzip the contents to a big enough USB disk. Panel Builder 2 was a private app for my testing only, so it couldn't have been grabbed by octopus. Since I wrote it, I just needed to stick the original .swf file on the USB drive, edit a few files to add the app and the Infocasts are useful again :) I've slowly been tweaking things and testing some other apps, but everything's back to normal. One caveat, it looks like apps that need configuration will not work. With PB2, I just hardcoded my server address and compiled a new .swf.

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  1. Are you willing to share the new version of panel builder?