Saturday, March 30, 2013

Solar Year #3

We just finished our 3rd year of having solar panels, where we generated nearly 75% of electricity usage and saved $1107. After the first year, we've done a good job of reducing our electricity usage by unplugging unnecessary devices and consolidating servers. However, I'm always looking to buy more gadgets :).

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Total output from the panels has decreased each year, but that's been mainly due to a larger number of rainy or overcast days. I'm sure some of it is due to dust collecting on the panels. I have yet to get up on the roof to wash them off, and it's something I plan on doing this spring. The wet winter we've had this year has done a decent job of washing the panels for me. Overall, we're very pleased with our solar panels, which have already paid for 28% of the cost (slightly less than I projected due to us using less electricity).

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