Friday, March 23, 2007

Cleaning out the DirecTiVo

The chassis fan on one our free DirecTiVos started sputtering before its imminent death. Fortunately, I had a spare fan in my junk box so it should have been a quick 10 minute job to remove the old fan, splice & solder the old fan connector onto the new one & put everything back. It took a little longer though as I had to vacuum out the chassis.

I never would need a Sharper Image air cleaner as long as I have my DirecTiVos to filter the air! ;)

Anyway, did I mention they were free? DirecTV gave them to us when I told them we were going to switch to Dish (but we really weren't!) So for the price of a 1 year commitment, they coughed up two of these and some monthly discounts. Calling DirecTV to get discounts has become an annual ritual around this time of year. I just called yesterday since our last 1 year term ended, and they offered to take $10 off/month and to waive the DVR fee of $5.99/month for a year. They also threw in all the movie channels free for 2 months. Not the best deal people have gotten, but not bad for 10 minutes on the phone. Just call DirecTV and ask for retentions and tell them you want to switch to Dish ;)

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